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Fun Cruises

Thrill seekers, if you want to glide among the pearls of the Indian Ocean, come join us on one of our exceptional cruises.

Kitesurfing Cruise


For all lovers of wide open spaces, unspoilt waters, tacking among the atolls in the Indian Ocean, flirting with uninhabited islands and treading their white sand, come and discover the Maldives.

Barely known for its perfect kite surfing winds and waves, this fun destination offers regular winds of 12 to 15 knots during the months of December and January and may to september. Your floating hotel offers all modern accommodation to provide maximum comfort between each kite surfing session.

Many other fun-filled activities are available to explore these beautiful islands and lagoons: scuba diving, snorkelling, water sports (water-skiing, wakeboarding, banana boat rides, etc.), kayaks and paddle boards.




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Surfing Cruise


Surfing in the Maldives is a must, whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional. Our trips offers you a wide variety of voyages from north to south of the archipelago.

The optimal season runs from March to October, the biggest swell is between july and august.

Whether you are looking for the perfect left wave or right wave, you'll find it among our different cruises (Center, South and Deep South).


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