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Family Cruises

We have created a cruise that combines discovery, adventure and fun for all. Family, friends, non-divers, beginner divers or advanced divers, everybody will enjoy this cruise made especially to please everyone.

Family Cruise


Gliding through different translucent and turquoise lagoons between island paradises, you might see colonies of dolphins swimming alongside the yacht, or the world's largest fish, the whale sharks, and of course the divas of the ocean, our friends the mantas.

Imagine spending some days in this little paradise! Let yourself get enticed by a dive and magical encounters with turtles and myriad of colourful fish, or by any sport you can find on-board like surfing or sea kayaking. For fans of speed and thrill, try a water-skiing session, wakeboarding or a banana boat ride on flat tranquil waters.

All in all, the Lagoon Cruise is ideal for any kind of group or family, and taking full advantage of all the Indian Ocean has to offer!


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Family activities

The Lagoon Cruise is also a time to share many activities with the family, be it island hopping, diving, fishing or various water sports, find your way to enjoy the Maldives.

Visit paradise islands


Who has never dreamed of being Robinson Crusoe? The Maldives consists a thousand virgin islands. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and discovery on a desert island sand bank with only crabs, sea birds and coconut trees as occupants.

Maldivians are a fishing people. When not converted into hotels, fishermen inhabit some of the islands. During the stops to these local islands, you can visit their villages and learn about their way of life under the rhythm of prayers and the maintenance of fishing dhonis, their local boats.

​You can also visit Malé the capital of the country, with or without a guide, two hours in the heart of  "Little Manhattan in the sun!" You'll find abundant and colourful fish and fruit markets, mosques, and lush gardens. You will also be able to do some souvenir shopping or have a treat at the barber shop for men.

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A fishing party


Learn to fish from the best. The Maldivians are expert fishermen and they are happy to teach you their secrets. You will learn how to read the currents and spot schools of fish. A fun activity in harmony with nature!

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Diving for all


Make the most of your visit to the Maldives. Take the plunge into the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean and enter the magical world of scuba diving. After some explanations regarding the diving equipment and basic rules, descend safely with your private instructor for a 30 minutes adventure and discovery dive. Depending on your level, different dives will be proposed.


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Enjoy the 29° Celsius crystal clear water with fins, mask and snorkel and discover the beautiful coral reefs to observe turtles, rays and fish with incredible colours, and, why not, make eye contact with the majestic manta rays or the largest and most harmless fish in the world: the whale shark.



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Sports and sensations


Experience the thrill of speeding over the turquoise lagoons. Different sports are on offer to you, from water skiing, wakeboarding, sea kayaking and wave-skiing, which is a cross between kayaking and surfing.

Beginner or experienced, family or friends, come and experience new sensations!


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