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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum level required for certain cruises?


No, we make sure to make groups of levels so that everyone finds their benefit.
However, for the extreme south, due to the currents, it is preferable to have a small dive bag. 


Can I come if I don't practice scuba diving?


Yes, we offer other activities such as snorkelling, visiting islands and lagoons, kayaking and paddle boarding.

In addition, you can discover the activity during a baptism. 

Can I take training
on board the boat ?


Yes we offer training
PADI Open Water, Advance, Deep Dive and Nitrox and CMAS PE40, Level 2 and Nitrox training.


Is there replacement gear on the boat if I break/lose mine?


Yes, we can provide you with all the replacement equipment in the event of an emergency.


What clothes to bring
in my bag ?


Swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts, the weather is good throughout the day and also at night, no need to take a sweater for the evening. On the other hand, remember to take more covered clothes for your possible descents on land (fishing islands or visit to Malé), shoulders and knees covered for the ladies!

What diving suit
should I bring?


A full 3mm is sufficient
(the water temperature is between 28 and 30° all year round) or even a shorty.
No need to take your 7mm or even 5mm. No need to bring gloves either!

requin baleine


Can we bring alcohol
in our luggage?


Importing alcohol into the Maldives is prohibited by law but we are permitted to serve it at our onboard bar. 

Can we bring food products in our luggage?


Yes you can bring any food product, provided it is put in checked baggage.

Do I need to bring a copy of my passport and a voucher?


No need for a copy of passport or voucher.


Diving insurance
is it mandatory?


Yes, we ask each of our customers to have insurance that covers you in the event of a diving accident, if you do not have one we can take out one for you on your arrival and for the duration of your stay. A diving license is not compulsory.

Where are the decompression chambers located?


To date, there are 3 operational caissons in the central area of the Maldives.

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Do you have the necessary
first aid on board?


Of course, we also have a very complete pharmacy (antibiotics included) as well as an oxygen therapy kit. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to bring back your necessary, our medicines are only there to help out. 


life on board

What activities outside of
do you offer diving?


Kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, visiting fishing islands, aperitifs on the beach, theme nights, barbecue nights, darts, poker and board games. 

Are there power adapters?


You have electricity on board the hotel boat as at home, i.e. 220V, each room is equipped with an adapter for our French sockets. If you have Swiss or other outlets, you will need an adapter. 

Is there wifi on board?


Yes wifi is available on board the boat for 30 euros for the duration of the stay. The wifi works all the time except sometimes a few cuts in navigation between several atolls. 



Can we pay on the fishing islands in dollars or euros?


Yes dollars and euros and of course in local currency the rouffia. Attention for euros only banknotes. Often the exchange will be 1 euro for 1 dollar.

What are the means of payment for my expenses on board the boat?


We only accept cash in euros, USD or Swiss francs, no credit cards or checks.

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