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Our northern cruises

Little frequented by other cruise passengers, the atolls north of the capital offer us still wild sites allowing the observation of an exceptionally rich fauna and flora. The topography of the sites is very varied with thilas, drop-offs, reefs, passes, wrecks, canyons, faults...

Our northern courses offer chances of encounters with:

Northern optimum period :May to December

all year
mer calme

manta ray

raie manta

Gray Sharks, White Tips & silvertip


guitar lines

raie guitare

Nurse sharks
& leopards

requin nourrice

eagle rays

raie aigle



& tunas

extreme nord .png

CRUISES far north


8 to 10 days

One-way either from the center to the far north or from the far north to the center. An internal flight to the program to leave or join your cruise ship. 

A Grand Nord cruise is flamboyant thilas of spectacular richness and architecture, ocean passes and drop-offs. Lots of color with beautiful alcyonarians and a very varied fauna from very small to very large. To all photo lovers, this course is for you!

Atolls traveled : Haa Alifu / Haa Dhaalu / Shaviyani / Raa / Noonu / Lhaviyani and Baa.

coraux mous
requin baleine



8 to 10 days

An internal flight to join the cruise ship. A route on the first 4 atolls north of the capital. Very complementary atolls with multiple shark passes and spectacular thilas. On the big days, target Manta rays in Hanifaru Bay between May and November.

An internal flight on the way back to reach the capital.

Atolls traveled : Raa / Noonu / Lhaviyani and Baa.

captures vlc2023-05-14-11h03m55s667 copie.jpg
requin baleine
centre nord.png

CRUISES center/North


8 to 9 days

Departure or end from the capital with an internal flight to join or leave the boat. We explore the Baa atoll with these thilas, very rich in flora and fauna. Passage in the famous Hanifaru bay to observe the migrations of Manta rays. The Rasdhoo Atoll with its dizzying oceanic drops and passes. Ari north and a magical night with the Manta rays.

Atolls traveled : Ari Nord / Rasdhoo / Baa

nord _ extreme nord.png

CRUISES North/Far North


13 to 15 days

Departure and end from the capital (it's a loop). This course is a glimpse of the exceptional richness that the northern entirety of the Maldives can offer us. A mix of passes to observe sharks (grey, white tip and silver tip), and flamboyant thilas, passing by the essential manta ray cleaning stations.

Atolls traveled: Rasdhoo / Baa / Lhaviyani / Raa and Noonu.

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