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In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldivian archipelago is made up of 26 atolls with 1,200 islands and lagoons. It is good to live there all year round with its temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees.

Its location allows pleasant and optimal navigations for any type of nautical activity throughout the year.



Between paradise islands and turquoise lagoons, it's time to share many activities with friends or family, from scuba diving to visiting fishing islands, desert islands, fishing, snorkelling middle of the lagoons and sliding sports...



The Maldives is an exceptional underwater fauna and flora. Depending of the time of the year, we optimize our routes within the Atolls from north to south, from east to west to follow plankton migrations and optimize the most beautiful underwater uncounters

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L'intégrale des Maldives

North route

Little frequented by other cruise passengers, the atolls north of the capital offer us still wild sites allowing the observation of an exceptionally rich fauna and flora. The topography of the sites is very varied with thilas, drop-offs, reefs, passes, wrecks, canyons, faults...


Center route

The Center courses offer a great mix of underwater encounters. Many dive sites are listed and allow not to find too many on the spots during certain times of the year.


South route

500 km on 8 atolls separate the capital in the center of the Maldives and the southern end of the archipelago. The reputation of the south is well established for its extraordinary encounters with different species of sharks. The further down you go towards the southern end, the more the chances of encounters with large sharks increase. 


weather statistics

November to May: drier with a few rainy spells (90% of good weather) 
June to October:a little more humid (75% fine weather)

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