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Our Actions 

Our ecological initiatives to preserve the planet.

Make everyone discover the underwater world and the benefits of this universe 

Our Objectsassets:


Act more for the preservation and protection of our planet

help usto Sensitize all ggenerations and act more.

Become a member of our community 












.Friends of the Planet


We work with communities to help protect and care for the coasts, oceans and marine life of the Maldives.

Thousands of marine animals are affected by plastic pollution, including sea turtles, seabirds and marine mammals. Therefore, beach cleanups are essential to alleviate the problem caused by ocean debris and the danger that plastic pollution poses to marine life.






The Friends of the Maldives Charter


We wish to further develop our ecological initiatives for the archipelago:

.Cleaning beaches and seabed from plastic waste

.Storage and relay in waste collection center

.Awareness of the impact of mass tourism to future generations

.Our actions to limit plastic





The benefits of scuba diving

Source of well-being in autistic asperger

Discovery of the underwater fauna

Diving for all

"Because nothing is more alive than a memory"

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